It's pretty easy to guess what the country is thinking about by what it talks about on Twitter and other social media.

Whether or not something is going to be seen as a success or a failure is measured by the collective voice known as the "Twitterverse."

In the time of the Romans, "The Mob" was able to influence the politics of the time by how it would react to certain political theater. Rome’s working class, the plebeians had little individual power. Grouped together, however, they became a Roman mob and had to be handled carefully.

Today, people that feel like their votes "don't matter" somehow seem to bark pretty loudly on social media. This is true of all political backgrounds, conservative and liberal alike. And just like the plebeians of Rome, when the mob gets angry they riot, or in our case Tweet.

Trump knew this fact more than anyone else, earlier than most, using the Twitterverse to create a red wave he was able to ride to victory in 2016.

Just like the Emperor Augustus, however, he is finding the "bread and circuses" technique of the controlling the mob to be a bit challenging.


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