In the movies and TV, a lot of sexual assault scenario's can be cut and dry. That's the bad guy, this is the evidence, boom, plot is done within the time frame of the entertainment we're watching. But that's just it, it's entertainment. Real life, it's not always so black and white. In many cases it's one person's word against another. And most of the time, someone is going to be lying. So in our real world, what are the steps taken? Who can you go to for help? What are some misconceptions? Where can I find out all this info? Luckily, there's a free online even happening, and you're invited!

The Yakima Police Department will be hosting a free Facebook Event called "Debunking Sexual Assault Myths". The online seminar will take place on Thursday, April 22nd at 5pm and is free to everyone on & off of Facebook.

The description on the event's Facebook page reads: When a person is a victim of a sexual assault, a multi-disciplinary team collaborates to provide collateral resources for that person. These dedicated professionals work diligently to restore peace and pursue justice for the victim. The month of April is Sexual Assault Awareness Month. This year representatives from YPD, UGPD, Aspen Advocacy, Sexual Assault Nurse Examiner and Yakima County Prosecuting Attorney’s Office will be discussing their role in this process during a Facebook Live-Round Table Event. Please join us, submit questions for panelists to answer, and learn about the remarkable work these heroes do in our community.

Panelists for the event will include Victim Advocate from Aspen Victim Advocacy Services Yecenica Valdivia. Deidra Demel with Memorial Hospital's RN SANE. Deputy Prosecutor Special Assault Unit for the Yakima County Prosecutors Office, Julia Davis. YPD's Detective Special Assault Unit's Mike Durbin. & Union Gap Police Department Detective, Curtis Santucci.
Fore more information on this Facebook Live event, check out the YPD's Facebook Event Page.


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