My Top 10 Hottest Chicks in Yakima Valley I have picked because I know them and I think they are HOT AS HELL! This is my opinion but feel free to Email me your choice and maybe we will make a contest out of this! HA

  • 10

    Sara Ettl

    Massage Therapist at Massage Associates of Yakima

    Sara has the most amazing smile and her legs go to the roof! Just thinking about her massage makes the body shiver! Married to 1280 KIT's Dave Ettl, Really? What the hell is up with that!

    Photo by Dave Ettl
  • 9

    Ginger Brewer-Tyler

    Owner of Pastime Bar and Insurance Agent

    Ginger is the one to the right. She is extremely professional so you would never know till you go out with that she is one Crazy Bitch! Fun as hell works out all of the time and is just hot!

    Photo by Shannon
  • 8

    Nikki Barron

    Account Executive at Townsquare Media

    Nikki has that "Oh so Innocent" look about her but trust me, Looks are deceiving! So sweet she will probably rot your teeth! And could use the boots to kick them in! HA Totally Hot!

    Photo by Nikki Barron
  • 7

    Adele Williams

    Mobile Fleet Service and Awesome Mom

    Adele has the whole package! She works for a Semi Truck Company, rides a Harley, wears leather, is hot as hell and she can drink as much as me! HA

    Photo by Mike Williams
  • 6

    Erica Gonzales

    Account Executive at Townsquare Media

    Typically I like rock chicks but this bitch has that Bad Mamajama Hip Hop thing going on! She is hot in my book and fun as hell!

    Photo by Erica
  • 5

    Aimee Yoerger

    Director of Sales at Townsquare Media

    Aimee is one of my pics because she reminds me of a slash between Lita Ford and Dora Pesch!! HA And she tears it up at kickboxing! Plus underneath all that prissiness and cuteness is One Bad Ass Biker Bitch!

    Photo By Aimee's Facebook
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    Carrie Lyons

    Owner and Stylist at Hair Affair

    Carrie Lyons is one of the funniest chicks I know in Yakima Valley. Hot as hell which baffles me that Todd E. Lyons, Esq of the Big Show on 94.5 KATS actually scored her! Really?? HA

    Carrie Lyons
  • 3

    Siri Stiles

    Owner of Speakeasy Sports and Spirits Downtown Yakima

    This hot blonde shell has the perfect body! Fun as hell and she rides a Harley! Hot!!

    Siri Stiles
  • 2

    Amber Cliett

    Met Amber at a biker bash! Crazy, hot as hell and can handle with us crazy bikers! That's what I am talking about!

    Photo by Ty Cliett
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    Mareli Drakes

    City of Yakima and Is a Karate Instructor and Kickboxing Instructor

    Mareli is number one in my book in Yakima! The girl is almost girly but with an attitude. Rides her own bike, Is a 6th degree black belt so she could pretty much kick anybody's ass and party's like a freaking rockstar! Love Mareli

    Mareli Drakes