Now You Can Make Your Scrotum Look Young Again!
This morning on the Todd & Andy Show during "The Freaks" segment I read a story about a new product called "Scrotox". Yes, it's just what it sounds like... Botox for your sack. If you're vain enough to need it here are the benefits according to a…
Just goes to show, what is on the Internet is not ALWAYS true... I know 99 percent of the time it is, but not the current high temp that I saw at 10:15 Tuesday night.
Man Gets Repeatedly Kicked In Balls… On Purpose! [VIDEO]
I hate reality t.v., however, I do still get a kick out of America's Funniest Home Videos which I have always contended should just change the name of the program to "30 Minutes Of Guy's Taking It In The Nuts".
I must have been on to something as Mike Judge (creator of "Beavis & Bu…