1980s Fashion: Teenagers Say Highlighters Blew Up [VIDEO]
I will have to admit that some of the fashion in the 1980s, looking back on it now, really wasn't very attractive. I grew up in the '80s and trust me when I say that when Esprit or Gloria Vanderbilt came out with something new I was there! I didn't much care what it looked like as lon…
Disney Sunglasses Makes Untrue Statement
Anyone will try to sell you anything by stretching the truth. A product may tell you it's great for your immune system simply because it contains vitamin C. Even Lucky Charms says it's a great source of calcium simply because you put milk in it. These Walt Disney World shades make a pretty…
10 Babies Rocking Mohawks
When it comes to the game of haircuts, choosing the right one can be really tricky. One second everything is going fine, the next the lady at Supercuts has decided that the best way to make you look like Winona Ryder is to shave part of your head. There is one style that instantly screams "I am…
If Non-Rock Artists Had Metal Shirts
What a fun idea! One of the great things about metal is the awesome designs on their t-shirts. It's something you can wear with pride. Ain't nobody walking around wearing a Phil Collins shirt, but I'd wear one if it looked like this.

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