NASA Finds Earthlike Planet — I TOLD You So!
I have been saying it for years! There is no way that we are alone in this universe. NASA is finding more clues every single day that point that direction. Last week, a U.S. spacecraft scouted Pluto and found vast plains and icy mountains that held water.
Now NASA's talking about Kepler 452b, a …
NASA Planning Flyby Of Pluto In July
I love space! NASA takes things to a whole new level every single day. This time they are getting closer to Pluto. They should be passing by Pluto in the next couple of day so their prob can get a better look of what was formerly one of our planets in our solar system.
Frog Photobombed Recent NASA Rocket Launch
Recently NASA launched a rocket to the moon. Naturally, they documented this lift-off with as many pictures as they could possibly snap. I'm glad they did! One photo features a frog that photobombed the event.