2012 Record Store Day Releases
It’s almost here: Record Store Day 2012! The annual holiday takes place on the third Saturday of every April, and it strives to bring together independently owned record stores to celebrate the art of music.
Ozzy Osbourne Giving Away a Free Colonoscopy
Interested in getting your colon checked out by a doctor, but reluctant to pony up for the co-pay? Never fear, Ozzy‘s here. The Black Sabbath frontman and his wife Sharon are joining forces with CBS and NewYork-Presbyterian Hospital for this year’s CBS Cares Colonoscopy Sweepstakes, which will treat…
Ozzy And The Taxman, Not Pretty
Ozzy and Sharon better be liquidating some things to pay off the back taxes that they owe. 1.7 Million dollars to be exact.  As picky as Sharon is you would think they would have all there taxes paid. Sharon also owed taxes to California totalling 23 Thousand dollars...