Everyone around the country has seen them. Many have used them but might not know they are made right here in Yakima, Washington. The bread clip. The little piece of plastic that is on our bags of bread.

Sure, some people use twist ties but leave that practice to those who might lack sophistication. (Okay, I’ll admit, twist ties are fantastic, and I use them too). But plastic bread clips are in a league of their own when it comes to being multi-purposeful. Kwik Lok is a company in Yakima that started small and has grown into a multinational company! They produce billions of bread clips, or as they call them, “bag closures,” every year. It was founded by Floyd Paxton in 1954 as a way to help the fruit packaging industry post World War 2. They created the design to help bag apples and have never looked back. You can learn more about Kwik Lok on their website.

Plastic Bread Ties

The main focus of this article (and why you’ve clicked on it) is simple. What are some other uses of these plastic bread closures? If you’re like me, you have plenty sitting around in your kitchen and junk drawers. Don’t throw them away; save them and repurpose them!

15+ Life Hacks For Plastic Bread Clips

Plastic Bread Clips, aka Bag Closures are created by the Kwik Lok company in Yakima, Washington, and are used all over the country. Not only are they great for keeping bags closed and air out, but they have many other uses you might not have thought of.

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