If you're like any well traveled, red-blooded American, you have a wacky fast food story. Most DON'T involve any police involvement. As long as everyone is safe, the best ones usually do! For example, my personal late night funny fast food adventure, dealt with, my best friend, a radio station Golf Cart, and a trip to the local Jack In The Box. Yes we were pulled over by a cop. We had all the paperwork and it was 100% road legal, and the officer thought that was the coolest thing ever! Too bad Christopher Sale didn't have the same experience when he went for "4th Meal"!

Late last week in Oklahoma City, Mr. Sale was being a very uncanny customer at his local Taco Bell. So much in fact, that police were called to investigate. According to reports, the 61-year-old ordered his food, and then reportedly asked the employees for more food. Namely an additional taco. When the employee went to talk to him at the drive up window, they saw how Sale was only wearing his birthday suit. Yep, nothing at all. Of course, the employee was not comfortable this. Another employee came and gave Sale an extra taco in hopes that he'd leave. Nope, he needed extra sauce as well, and refused to leave the drive-thru.

He eventually did leave the drive-thru, only after getting the sauce and asking for extra napkins. But he wasn't done yet, he did a loop and came back into the drive-thru to request more sauce for his tacos. Police were called, and when they were able to catch up to Sale, his reply was simple, he was hungry and his clothes were in the washer. No information on if he was fined for showing his "Churro" in public, but when questioned, he replied with "didn't know it was against the law to drive naked."

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