If you don't know what a life hack is you've come to the right place. Life hacks let you turn long tasks into quick and easy chores. Sometimes even the quickest things have a life hack to make them simpler. It's all about making life a little more simple.

Sometimes things that take you an extra ten minutes in the morning to do can be boiled down to about 30 seconds, it's all about perspective, so in this article, we'll break down the task and how to do it faster to make your life a little easier.

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Peeling a Hard-Boiled Egg

I don't know about you but peeling an egg is a dumb task that takes way too long. Something about the egg white becomes extra sticky and peeling the egg can leave you with chunks missing if you're not careful. This hack is easy to do and takes less than a minute to peel your egg. First, you'll get a spoon to crack the top than the bottom of the egg. on the top peel a hole about the size of a dime, then on the bottom peel a hole about the size of a fifty-cent piece. From the top of the egg blow out and make sure your other hand is free to catch the egg, it should slide right out.

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Chill Your Drinks In Fifteen minutes or less.

I didn't believe this one until I tried it and sure enough, it works. Take a bowl any size that will fit your drinks, fill it halfway with ice water, then add about a tablespoon of salt and stir. Then add your drinks, within fifteen minutes they'll feel like they've been in the fridge for hours.

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Make Your Perfume or Cologne last All-day

This one requires an extra thing from beside your cologne/perfume of choice. It's called Aquaphor and it's used as a cream to help moisturize and heal your skin. Take a dab of this on a Q-tip and wipe it on the bottom side of your wrist, rub it in then apply your perfume/cologne. Rub your wrists together then rub them onto your neck. The Aquaphor will act as a sealant to keep your smell locked in all day.

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Turn a Toilet Paper Roll Into Your Own Tissue Box

Let's say you've caught a cold or allergies are tearing you up inside. You're all out of tissues and all you have left is toilet paper that you hoarded from the great T.P shortage of 2020. Simply press on the toilet paper roll until the brown tube is loosened, then pull it out from the side, after unraveling the tissue from the inside, and give a small tug. There you have it a boxless tissue dispenser.

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Opening a Bottle With Your Keys

We've all been there, a long hot day of work and all you want is that delicious nectar awaiting you in the fridge, low and behold no bottle opener. All you need are some keys, anything with key teeth will do, position the key teeth under the cap of the bottle and turn the key the opposite way, it'll break the seal and help you pop it right off.

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