We still have a little time left before winter shows its ugly, snowy face and ruins all the fun and exploring that many enjoy in the non-snowy months. So what better way to enjoy the few beautiful, weathered days we have left than to drive and explore nature in all its glory?

One of my favorite places to go with my wife in Washington is Snoqualmie Falls. It contains such beauty and is an excellent place for some fantastic photos. Thanks to Jake Guzman’s social media for pointing out some beautiful sights in Oregon! I plan to check these out, what about you?

5 Oregon Waterfalls You Need to Check Out!

These are 5 Oregon Waterfalls that are so beautiful you need to see them in person to really appreciate them! (In no particular order).

Latourell Falls:

According to the Latourell Falls Wikipedia page, this waterfall is located in the Guy W. Talbot State Park, with the Columbia River Highway passing it nearby. Its single drop is around 249 feet!

Toketee Falls:

Toketee Falls is located on the North Umpqua River near Oregon Route 138. Toketee means “pretty” or “graceful” in the Chinook language. This waterfall drops 120 feet in two stages (Wikipedia).

Wahclella Falls:

Wahclella Falls is along Tanner Creek next to Bonneville Dam (the closest and easiest parking access). The falls are divided into 2 segments (upper & lower), which is around 350 feet, according to Wikipedia.

White River Falls:

This waterfall is located in Wasco Country near Tygh Valley and was once used for hydroelectricity from 1910 until the The Dalles Dam took over in 1960. The best place to see this 90-foot waterfall is at the White River Falls State Park. (Wikipedia)

Multnomah Falls:

Multnomah Falls is located east of Troutdale, Oregon, and is accessible from the Historic Columbia River Highway and I84. This is the tallest waterfall in Oregon, with a drop of 620 feet! It is truly a sight to behold!

What would you add to this list? What is your favorite waterfall to visit? Would you go down one of these in a barrel like they used to do in old-timey days? Tap the App and let us know!

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