It's national be a geek day, lucky for most of us that is every day, but in order to celebrate we took a look around the Yakima Valley and found the five best places to let your geek flag fly!

Of course, you can stay home and game all day, work on your art, or binge-watch your favorite shows, but why not take advantage of this beautiful weather and other air conditioning to celebrate being a geek in the Yakima Valley? Check out our list below!

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5.) Tactical Tag

Tactical Tag has really branched out over the years, you can get a game of you guessed it, tactical tag in, or try your hand at some ax throwing, while you're there enjoy a nice cold beer and dive head first into some laser tag!

4.) Ron's Coins and Collectibles

Are you a huge collector, then you've probably heard of Ron's Coins and Collectibles, don't let the name fool you, they have collectibles for everything, comic books, movies, toys, sports memorabilia, rare coins, statues, and more! The staff is super welcoming and loves helping you find that missing piece of your collection, located in the heart of downtown Yakima it's a great way to spend your Geek day!

3.) 1 Up Games

Are you a next-level gamer? Maybe you love collecting those adorable Funko Pops that started right here in the PNW. 1 Up Games has a little bit of everything, with the biggest for sale Funko pop collection in the entire Yakima Valley you're sure to find that pop you've been trying to get your hands on. Maybe you're a retro gamer trying to recreate your childhood Nintendo 64 collection, more than likely these guys have it and will help you get your hands on it. Or maybe you've been saving up for that new PS5? 1 Up Games will also buy or trade for your Funko pops and other collectible items!

2.) Drink & Games

Maybe you're a gamer or geek that loves a good beer while you play the old-school Mortal Kobat or take someone down a peg in Streetfighter. Drink & Games serves delicious cold brews, and amazing food and even hosts special event nights to let your inner geek and nerd out. Stop by or check out their Facebook Page below!

Drink & Games Facebook Page

1.) Nerds Game Center

Nerds are the epicenter for family fun in the Yakima Valley, with everything under the sun a geek would love, video games, laser tag, pizza, and special party packages to ensure you have all the fun out of reach of the Yakima Sun! So go let your inner geek out and enjoy the AC while you crush everyone else in at air hockey!

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