There are many reasons to make the move to Washington state and the city of Yakima, namely, that "fresh Yakima air"! All iCarly television show jokes aside, we boast a higher quality of life here in the Yakima Valley, as well as a high state minimum wage and an abundance gorgeous natural landscapes and outdoor activities right at our fingertips.

Some areas of Washington state are lacking in cultural diversity, so if you are looking for a flourishing multi-cultural locale, the Yakima Valley may not be the first choice on your list. Many other qualities, however, make our region so appealing, including the (mostly) sunny weather, friendly neighbors, lush produce, wineries, breweries, major sports teams, lower cost of living, plenty of outdoor adventures (skiing, fishing, snowboarding, hiking, etc.), and the lack of intense high traffic volumes.

Looking at the stats from United Van Lines' 2018 study of the top reasons people are moving away from, not just Yakima, but Washington state as a whole, there are five key reasons people leave--and surprising to some naysayers you will find in the comment sections of social media, none of them involve high crime rates.


  • 1


    Is Washington state bad for your health? About 7% of people leaving Washington are doing so for health reasons.

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    Nearly 14% of people surveyed said they left Washington state to pursue a better quality of life. This could also include those moving away to pursue academic pursuits (college).

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    Close to 22% of people surveyed stated they moved away from Washington to retire in a new location.

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    Around 29% of those making the trek away from Washington state did so to be closer to family. Considering that the rates of people moving in to Washington are doing so for the same reason, it's safe to say that a large chunk of the population probably left their families initially to get AWAY from them!

  • 5

    Job/Career Growth

    Naturally, moving away from Washington state because of a new job would be at the top of the list. The survey showed around 39% of folks are getting new jobs out of state. LUCKY!

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