Bend has a lot going on for itself, and it knows it. Here are just a few reasons Bend is such a cool town to visit.

1.) Home of the Last Blockbuster
Blockbuster closed shop several years ago. It was a staple tradition for many on weekends to hang out in the store, looking for something to watch. Sometimes hanging out long enough to be considered loitering. Since this Blockbuster was independently franchised it didn't close down like all the other stores did. This is still in full operation and, yes, plenty of people make the trek just to rent a DVD and grab some snacks.

2.) Away from major highways
When you think about the most popular cities in the US like NY, LA, Seattle, Dallas and everywhere else they all have major highways going through them or around them. Bend is the type of place you have to want to go to. No matter which direction you come in you'll be driving through winding forest roads to get there but once you're there it's totally worth it.

3.) Breweries
Lots of breweries with plenty more popping up often. With a population of around 100,000 (just a little more than Yakima) this town has an average of 30 breweries. Talk about a pub crawl, you'll need to drag me in a Radio Flyer.

4.) Unique activities
Everything from taking a helicopter ride to help search for Sasquatch to snow surfing you're sure to find something that you won't find in most towns.

5.) Tax Free!
Okay, to be fair every town in Oregon is tax free, but still I'll take it.

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