So my dad gave me some old suitcases that my family bought back in the mid 90's for a family vacation. They were something my mom just had to have, and we used them once for our trip to Arkansas (don't start with the jokes, I have many of my own). The suitcases had been in my dad's closet ever since. For years they sat there. I'm not joking when I say years. My mom passed away in 2000, so these suitcases have been in my dad's closet for at least 20 years. No one knowing that they were there or even thinking "Hey, we're going on a trip, if only we had some black & teal Samsonite luggage to use!"

My dad handed them over to me, told me to go through them thoroughly, as he did a quick sweep and found no money (happy Father's Day). Inside the luggage I found a lot of stuff my mom felt was important to save. Everything from some appointment cards, cookie recipes, to even my 6th grade report card. Yes, she felt my 6th grade report card (from 1994) was important enough to put in her purse, and put that in travel bag, and put that travel bag into a suitcase, and into a bigger suitcase. It was quite the trip down memory lane. The one thing that did make me call my dad with questions was the card pictured above.

Now I worked at Hollywood Video for about 3 years part time, up till the day we closed the doors for good. I love radio, and all my other jobs, but I must say, Hollywood was thee funnest job I've ever had. Since I did have so much fun, I attempted to get a part time job at Blockbuster before the major chain went belly up not long after Hollywood had their fate sealed. I have never heard of Video Unlimited until I found this card. My earliest memories of movie rentals were at a local grocery store, or Crazy Mike's Video (2301 on Nob Hill... no longer open obviously). I never heard of Video Unlimited. Sounds a like a name that Netflix or some web based video company should have scooped up. Google didn't help much in my searches. My dad didn't have much to tell me about it either, except how, "Oh yeah, we rented a lot from there." If you have any info, shoot me a message on Facebook or email me I'm curious to learn more about this store or even if the store still exists somewhere. I've love to travel to a place and try to use the card again, just to screw up their scanners!

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