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Trick-or-treating, attending parties, visiting haunted attractions like the Scaregrounds,  bobbing for apples, dressing in the most hilarious or creative costumes to get a smile out of your peers and just celebrating with a group of friends may or may not happen this year due to the Covid-19.

Listen up folks! We need to work really hard to get opened up before Halloween 2020! Here are a few fun facts about Halloween this year to motivate everyone! First of all, there is supposed to be a FULL MOON, that's right... a full moon on Halloween! Halloween is finally on a SATURDAY and you can sleep it off the next day! It is daylight savings time and we get an extra freakin' hour of Halloween!

If that is not motivation enough to do whatever we need to to get this community opened then slap my grandma and call me crazy! Ok, please don't slap my grandma, she is kinda mean and will beat you down. We all know I am crazy so calling me crazy is fine.

This is meant to be a little fun fact post so please know that I truly want our community to safely open when the time is right and my heart goes out to every small business owner. Please be safe and kind to each other.


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