Parents everywhere in the Yakima and Selah school districts are dreading having kids home from school today. Kids out in the Toppenish school district have been out all week!


The last thing us parents and guardians want is for our kids to stay home all day and play on their tablets, ipads, and cell phones so I've come up with five things they can do to stay educated, alert, and helpful at the same time! The way I see it, everyday average chores can be turned into school subjects if you read between the lines, get it, READ!

Having the kids help out around the house is much better than trying to get the family cat to do them.


  1. Wash the dishes, Clean the Kitchen, and Change the cat's litter box. This is equivalent to Physical Ed class!/li>
  2. Reconfigure your Family Budget. This is obviously the equivalent to Math Class. Watch out though, your kid could end up putting down a $500 budget item for Cookies.
  3. Go thru all the stacked up bill and throw away all of the JUNK MAIL. This could be considered Reading class or even Micro Economics.
  4. Figure out where that "SMELL" is coming from in the fridge and throw away all the old food. Your child will be incorporating their science skills. Moldy Food=Biology, amirite?
  5. Reorganize all of the Holiday Decorations stuffed inside your hallway closet. This activity gives kids the Art and Critical Thinking skills they need to survive adulthood, don't you think?

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