Emergencies happen when you least expect them, you never know what may come or what kinda accident could be waiting for you. It's important to have the right things nearby in case they do.

In this article, we'll go over weather, accidents, and unexpected emergencies you can plan for. Keep in mind you can adjust some of the things on this list to fit your needs.

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5.) Emergency Blanket

Whether you're in an accident or you stumble across someone in need it's always helpful to keep a blanket on hand. With the snow on the way, it's the best option to stay warm in case your car breaks down or someone on the side of the road is in need of help.

4.) Spare Tire

Most cars come with a donut in case you come across a flat on the road along with all the tools you'll need to change the tire. It's best to double-check and make sure you're car has this. If not, you should make a trip to your local tire shop and get one in case you find yourself stranded somewhere with only 3 tires.

3.) First aid kit

You never know what dangers could end up on the road or when you could find yourself in need of first aid. It's important to have a first aid kit somewhere in your car in case you need some sort of medical attention, we'd even advise for an old belt in case of a serious injury that would require a tourniquet to stop bleeding.

2.) Portable Charger

Cell phones are a wonderful thing and can come in handy for any kind of emergency, but the phone is no good to you dead. Keep a charged battery pack somewhere close to your person or in your car. When an emergency you never plan for them to happen so don't leave it a chance, that portable charger could be one extra phone call to medical services.

1.) Flares

If all else fails flares come in handy more than you can imagine. In a worst-case scenario, where your phone is dead, you've gone off the road, or come across an emergency a flare will get everyone's attention. You can flag someone down for help or attract local authorities to come to your aid.

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