The Jersey Devil, The Lock GNess Monster, West Virginia’s Mothman, and The Swamp Stalker of Boggy Creek in Fouke, Arkansas. The list of Cryptids goes on and on. When I first heard the rumblings of the Gnewport Gnome, I was hooked and excited to see the PNW get a new unexplained creature (to give Sasquatch a run for its money).

Instead of a potentially dangerous man-threatening, livestock-murdering abnormality of Gnature like El Chupacabra, the Gnome of Newport is a friendlier, huggable, mischievous friend of the community.

Police have worked with the Gnome in the past, but it appears GG (my nickname for him; hopefully, it catches on) has been apprehended on more than one occasion. Usually due to his pranks involving tagging places with the letter “G."

The Gnewport Gnome started making waves with a series of posts and videos from the Newport Oregon Police Department’s Facebook page. A way of showing the lighter, more fun side of the police department. A hope that will make the community feel more comfortable when interacting with the officers.

This is a great idea that could branch out to other cities. The Potato of Portland, a Eugene Ewe, or a stick of Boring, Oregon (it’s boring there, so they only Gneed a stick). Would you like to see a fun mascot in your city for the Police to adopt to help improve community relations? Tap the App and let us know.

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