Mike Millian, known to his friends as “Corvette Mike,” is selling the 1978 Chevrolet Corvette pictured above. Don’t let the years of dust fool you. It’s in cherry condition with only 13 miles on the odometer.

Even the little odds and ends that give the car its vintage feel are still intact — from the original battery under the hood to the CB radio that came equipped in some late 1970′s Chevy models. It even has the original window stickers clinging to the inside of the glass that list a 1978 retail price of $14,000. Millian hopes to attract a buyer willing to pay at least $50,000.

Not only has this baby not been driven since Millian added it to his collection back when disco was dying, but judging by the layers of dust that’s collected, it has barely been touched. It’s as clean as a doctor’s office, only with a shorter history of inappropriate touching.

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