I drove as a courier for a medical laboratory for 13 years, and many treks took me to Seattle. The on and offs of freeway travel became routine, and I learned to navigate the dangers that can come out of nowhere! Other drivers, road conditions, weather, and drastic speed changes. There was one exchange that I seemed to have more issues with than others. I was not super shocked when I saw video that proved I wasn’t the only one.

In Seattle, there’s an Exit on I5 that takes you to Union Street. If you’ve taken this exit, then I’m sure you know it well. The speed drops from 60mph to 20 drastically while taking inside a curved tunnel, then right into a stoplight intersection.

Seattle Map of I5 Union Seattle
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I found two videos on YouTube. The first is from a driver (uploaded by Jeff von Groethe), who has navigated this exit many times. They know where the speed drops and, more importantly, where to stop at the intersection. That video is below:

The other video is caught from above the intersection (uploaded by Michael B) and shows multiple accidents. Make sure your sound is on because you will hear the noise of the tires trying to stop. That video is below:

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With this many wrecks, one has to wonder if Seattle has taken any actions (besides warning signs) to help avoid these wrecks. Also, if you get rear-ended because of another driver in that intersection, could legal action be taken against the city? Especially with this video proof. Be safe out there!


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