I was out of town on the east coast for a few days recently. Being a huge foodie I stopped by several new places to experience different things and was presently surprised by this small thing that could make a local bar or restaurant in Yakima a lot of money if they added this to the menu.

Home made pork rinds.

Something so simple and loved by many but so fun to have on the menu.

They're even Keto friendly!

These were seasoned with a house-made seasoning. A flavor-enhancer if you will. I've seen several places provide homemade potato chips which I also think is lovely. Maybe even house popcorn or house pretzels. Just something small, light, finger food with that salt base to keep you eating and drinking. I love it.

I'm telling you, if a local bar or restaurant starts serving house pork rinds, I'll be there. It's something so simple I'm surprised we haven't seen it sooner. Maybe it'll happen soon.

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