Especially in the past 10 years, mainly thanks to the rise in video games, computers and super hero comic book movies, nerds rule! The fact that they're going to reboot "Revenge of the Nerds" sounds very weird to me. How can there be revenge, when nerds own and run damn near everything. WE ALREADY GOT OUR REVENGE! One thing that we do kind of take it in the shorts on... is our Christmas songs!

To the best of my knowledge, and please let me know of truly nerdy songs that I'm missing by sending us a message via the free KATS Mobile App, but there are only really 3 nerd song. Two of the courtesy of "Weird Al" Yankovic. He has "Christmas At Ground Zero" & "The Night Santa Went Crazy" (two different version of the same song, so I consider it one song). The other song belongs to a man, who is well known in the nerd community. His name is Jonathan Coulton. He's a very underrated musician, who has several albums under his belt. In the early 2000's many nerds would make music videos of his songs using World of Warcraft computer game footage for the characters. Thanks to him, we have a 3rd nerdy Christmas tune, written about 14 years ago.

Need some more "NERD" with your Christmas music? Maybe some Soylent Green with your fig pudding? What about robot Santa Claus's with laser eyes? Well, Jonathan Coulton has you covered with his Christmas tune, Chiron Beta Prime! Enjoy!


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