It's that time of year again when you should consider getting a flu shot. A simple, quick poke in the arm could mean saving you several missed days at work or even hospitalization with some forms of influenza. But maybe, just maybe, you're one of the hundreds of thousands who doesn't like needles. There may be good news for you.

I got my flu shot without issue. My younger daughter did as well. When it came to my older daughter, who is terrified of needles, she was very apprehensive. She reminded me how they had a nose spray in lieu of a flu shot a few years ago but haven't offered that recently. As it turns out, according to her doctor, they were on the market, then off, then back on but in very limited quantities. He said something like the entire state of Washington only received about 7,000 of the flu nasal spray to share with all cities including Seattle, Spokane and everywhere else. Of that 7,000, only a few made it to Yakima. So few that, apparently, they don't even offer it. Maybe they have them reserved for special cases like skin sensitivities or other thing.

When my daughter brought it up to the doctor, he said he'd check and, to our surprise, they actually had one available. The lucky girl got out of getting a shot, even though the flu shot is one of the most painless shots you can receive in my experience of getting poked.

So if you're afraid of needles, maybe ask the doctor if they have any of those 'flu shots' but in a nose spray instead. Doesn't hurt to ask.

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