Have you been to one of the dispensaries lately?

The lines are long and wait times are kind of a hassle.

There are bunch now in Yakima and Union Gap, which has meant great choices and the best cannabis area tokers have ever seen.

Not that all folks actually smoke anything. Many just opt for the candy or other edibles as a Saturday afternoon couch snack. Heck, it has been pajama and fireplace weather pretty consistently lately.

The cannabis industry is still new and under federal scrutiny here in the United States, but already in Seattle as far back as 2015 they have had vending machine option. The scrutiny on cannabis in Canada has been replaced and medical dispensaries there use vending machines.

The appetite for cannabis is growing every year here in Yakima County according to county tax receipts. the use of vending machines seems like a natural evolution considering the edible and drink products are likely going to overtake traditional flower sales.

It would make the lines a thing of the past, plus a lot of places already ask for ID before you even walk in. It won't be very convenient if you need to see CBD or terp profiles, but not many Yakima spots even know what those are anyway.

One thing is for sure, the pot industry is growing and innovating every year here in Washington. Wouldn't it be nice if Yakima was on the cutting edge of a growing industry?

And you wouldn't have to wait in line for 30 minutes at 5:30 pm on Friday.

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