It's hot and a lot of people are enjoying lakes and rivers in Yakima but local authorities say they're concerned about people not wearing a life jacket.


In fact Yakima County Sheriff's Deputy Scott Swallow says there was a close call on Bumping Lake where a man drowned earlier this year after falling off a paddle board.
The close call on Sunday, July 18 also involved a man not wearing a life jacket and not being tethered to his board. Swallow says the man fell off his board in choppy water and the board drifted away from him. The man started to struggle in the water but was saved by a nearby boater who saw the man was in trouble.


Swallow says "this again shows the importance to all paddle boarders to be wearing/have PFDs with them and to utilize the tethers. BEFORE YOU GO Know that kayaks, canoes, and stand-up paddle boards (SUP) are subject to boating laws and regulations. You are urged to boat responsibly to prevent accidents, minimize impacts, and avoid conflicts with other boaters."
Swallow says everyone, including those who ride paddle boards need to take a course to increase knowledge of paddle sport safety, emergency procedures and navigational rules.
You can find classes through local clubs and outfitters, city and county parks and recreation departments and online. Understand and follow the U.S. Coast Guard’s "Navigation Rules of the Road." Swallow says simply if you do not know these rules, you should not be out on the water.

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