Soooo usually bathroom art is relegated to phallic depictions and rulers or someone drawing a line a few feet above a urinal with pithy captions like "if you can pee above this line the fire department needs you". Rarely does art from the commode inspire but Pioneer Coffee in North Bend has changed all of that forever. Just to clear one thing up I haven't been on a "Northwest Bathroom Art Tour" or am I looking for art in all the wrong places. I happen to think North Bend is an awesome little town with great coffee and it's on the way to Snoqualmie Falls and it's a nice pit stop on the way to Seattle where I spent the weekend.

So I stopped at Pioneer Coffee like I normally do and took advantage of their "facilities" and walked into their bathroom/art gallery and stumbled upon the amazing art of Leslie Nan Moon. Shown above is her sketch/painting/Sharpie marker drawing called "Faster Way To Emerald City". If you're a fan of Seattle and taking your bike out on the open road this has to speak to you. If I hadn't just unloaded a boatload of cash on my vacation last week I probably would have picked this baby up myself as original art this cool for just $90 is a bargain.