Just when you thought Japan was nothing but Godzilla & Hentai, along comes Bald Tug Of War Championships! The "Bald Men Club" conducts a yearly battle in which participants attach suction cups that are tied together to their bald heads and then battle in a very non-traditional version of Tug-of-War. The club was formed in 1989 and has members from all around Japan. The group's goal is to help "View baldness in a positive manner, to have fun, and to brighten the world with our shiny heads." When it comes to the game dealing with sucking and tugging, the club's chairman Teijiro Suo hopes for their take on Tug-of-War may rise to the ranks of an Olympic size event according to The Telegraph.

Check out the video (in Japanese) below. If you do participate, be weary of a head hickey.

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