Todd once told me a little quote "Nobody lies on their death bed and thinks, 'Man I wish I worked more!'" I've been giving that some serious thoughts lately and have been scaling back my life. At one point I worked 6 (W2) Jobs. 3 part time, 1 LLC hobby that made money, and 1 full time. After reading the following research from Annals of Occupational and Environmental Medicine, I wish I would have cut back sooner!

Researchers in South Korea, surveyed over 13,300 men between the ages of 20 & 59. They were divided into 3 work groups, "Normal" (40 hour work week), "Long" (52 hour work week), & "Much Longer" (more than 52). I right now in my life would be in the "much longer" category.

After the roughly 4 year survey (2013-2017), the results showed that working long hours helped the development of alopecia... i.e. thinning hair & baldness. The break down looks to be 2% hair loss for the "Normal" group, 3% for the "Long" group, and 4% for the "Much Longer" group. This pretty much adds up to men working longer than 52 hours a week, or two times more likely to suffer from hair loss.

Kind of explains why Kings are usually bald!

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