Batman is over 80 years old. He's had many adventures and made many memories. Very few characters have had long-lasting life, such as the caped crusader. From movies to tv, comics to cartoons, cosplay to action figure play, Batman has broken into every medium and told many stories. And I think I have found the laziest!

It's been a while since I've written an article about my wacky comic book finds (which you can read those here, here, here, and oh yeah, & here), but this book needed an article all on its own! Now you could call it a cash grab, or you could call it genius. I'm sure the goal behind it was supposed to be inspirational. To let people be creative! To tell their own story on the page, just like we did on our living room floors with our action figures!

The book is called "Batman: Blank #1", and it is just that. A blank comic book! Now, I've seen many comics that have a blank cover. Those are neat for collector reasons or for people who go to conventions and meet an artist so that they can draw a custom cover on your book. This comic, however, is more than just a blank cover. It's the whole book!

Batman Blank comic
tsm/Timmy - DC Comics

The comic was released in 2018 to celebrate "24-Hour Comics Day," which was meant to inspire people to tell their own stories in the pages of this book. It's a 24-page comic that is absolutely blank. Not even square box panels for people to draw their stories in.

inside Batman: Blank comic

Now, before anyone gets upset at me, I know the purpose behind the 24-Hour Comics Day (started in 1990 by cartoonist Scott McCloud as a way to challenge people creatively), but in a way, by a big publisher selling a book for this challenge, without any "guides" in it... It seems like a cash grab and lazy to me. Not to mention, the few who own one of these books have not and will not draw/write in it!

People paid money for this blank book. One just sold on eBay for around $10 after tax, shipping & handling. (I know this because my highest bid was $9.50, and I lost). To the best of my knowledge, a "Superman: Bank #1" and a "Wonder Woman: Blank #1" was also released for the 24-Hour Comics Day event.

Would you love to own this piece of almost art? How much would you spend on it? Is it worth the $2.99 cover price or the almost $10 eBay price? Tap the App and give us your $0.02!

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