It took one candy cane manufacturer to be sitting around the office after skipping breakfast to say to themselves, 'boy, I could sure go for a bowl of Froot Loops right now, but I'm too busy making all these candy canes. What ever could I do?' That's when they had a Eureka! moment and, thus, now we have Froot Loop Candy Canes.

Okay, that's probably nothing like how it happened, but I like to imagine that it was.

Candy Canes are a staple treat that can double as a decoration for hundreds of years. In recent years we've seen them amp up past the traditional peppermint flavor and see crossovers with other flavors from popular companies like Jelly Belly, Kool-Aid and more. Why not give cereal brands a try?

Upon my first lick, I didn't taste anything. It was just candy cane textured, but nothing. Since I'm not patient with my candy canes I bit into it and that's when that famous Froot Loop flavor hit me like a sack of citrus. The flavor didn't last long but, fortunately, I have more candy cane to go. It's a very specific flavor that I can never pinpoint. A little citrusy, a little fruity -- all a solid memory of one of my favorite breakfast cereals growing up. What a neat idea!

Froot Loops is no stranger to alternative flavored items, either. A few years ago Carl's Jr. introduced the Froot Loop donuts.

Each box comes with 12 Froot Loop-flavored candy cane -- plenty to share. They're slated to be available in all retail stores so if you can't find them, keep looking out for them.

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