You've probably seen the sign if you've driven on the freeway around Yakima. Heck, even if you've never seen the sign but have heard of Yakima, you've probably heard the slogan that the sign is based on. "Welcome to Yakima: The Palm Springs of Washington." Many love the sign for its heartfelt message. Others love it for the weirdness of it. Some just scratch their heads and wonder about it.

Many ask the joking question:

"Is there a sign that reads 'Welcome to Palm Springs: The Yakima of California'?"

Well, at one point, for maybe 5 minutes, there was. Here at the radio station, we received a picture over 20 years ago from John Stambos of such a sign!

A picture of Palm Springs with a sign that says "Yakima of California"
tsm/Timmy courtesy of John Stambos

I've heard of other people doing the same as John. So now that it is established that there is (at times) a similar sign in Palm Springs, where did our Yakima sign come from? Many have asked, and a YouTube/TikTok channel has done its homework, and we now have an answer.

Pretty Gritty Tours has done some research and some comparisons on whether or not Yakima really is the Palm Springs of Washington. Check the video out:

There you have it; when it comes to the beautiful sunshine, without question, Yakima is the Palm Springs of Washington. For every other reason, it is still up for interpretation. What's your 2 cents on the sign? Tap the App and let us know!

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