Do you ever really own your house or land that it’s on? I’ve often had this conversation with my family, and the answer is always mixed. Every once in a while, it does become heated, but that is usually during a Monopoly game. The discussion usually goes back and forth on property taxes and how you will never be done paying those. But what if you could be? What if you made enough that you didn’t have to worry about them? That would be a great goal to have!

According to World Population Review, 60% of land in the U.S. is owned privately. With that amount, yes, families control a pretty good amount. Now you may think owning that much land may be for nefarious reasons, but private lands play a big part in conservation. More details on that can be found at the Land Trust Alliance.

Who owns the most land in the United States?

Five leading families own the most land in the U.S.: John Malone, Ted Turner, The Reed Family, and the Kroenke Ranch, along with one other. The Emmerson Family is the largest of the landowners, with 2.3 million acres spread out through Oregon, California, and Washington. But they do not own the most land in Washington. That title belongs to someone else.

So who owns the most land in Washington State?

Regarding private landownership in Washington State, it’s not so much an individual or family but a company. Weyerhaeuser Company merged with Plum Creek Lumber to become the largest timberland company and landowner in Washington, with 12.4 million acres of land. Nine hundred thousand of that right here in Washington.

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