The Short answer, probably not! But the more I talked to friends (and yes family), the more brainstorming came out of it. So further down the rabbit hole my brain went with this idea. Heck, that wouldn't be a bad name for a strip club, "The Rabbit Hole." Although, I'm fairly confident, if we're changing the name of Sonic, to fit a strip club, the only appropriate name for it would be "TAILS" (video game fans should get a chuckle out of that).

This idea started a while back when several Sonic Drive-In locations closed down late last year (more about that here). A strip club was one of the ideas I pitched for a possible replacement for the Yakima, Washington location. But the idea didn't die and the more I joked, the more it grew legs, legs that could potentially wrap around one of the ordering poles that are already installed at the locations.

Boarded Up Sonic Drive In, in Yakima, Washington

I was originally going to write this article as an April Fool's joke, but the more I thought about it, the less of a joke, and more a question of "why couldn't it work?" Instead of PRETENDING that a gentleman's club chain planned to purchase the closed locations, why not just pitch the idea. If someone who wants to take this business model onto Shark Tank, go for it and good luck!


During the pandemic, an Oregon strip-club had to reinvent their business to a drive thru model. Not to put words in the company's mouth, or dollars in their strings, but this might have just saved their business. So, why not take that set up, but utilize the Sonic space, and add technology!

So you have the actual building, you can do a normal set up inside. Seating, tables, sound system, and a stage. You'll have to scale down the kitchen area to make room for a dressing area, but that shouldn't take too much work. The outside area is going to be the real draw and money maker!


So you have the car stalls. Enclose every other one, so that you can have a dancer working inside where it's safe. You could have glass on either side of the booth, so it wouldn't matter which stall someone pulls into. The driver can pay to park, for a certain amount of time, probably in half-hour increments. When the car's time is up, the curtain on the windows could close, or you could even have a sexy "french-meter-maid" come out to collect more money (with a bouncer of course, we want to keep the workers safe). If you don't want any dancers outside/in the booths, those poles already have the foundation/structure in place, mount video screens broadcasting from inside Tails (the strip club).


How Would The Workers Get Their Tips?

So many businesses are using Tap To Pay technology, that would be the key! Other options would just include the tips into the parking fee or maybe create a membership option for guests. Several ideas could go into practice here.

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That's an easy solution, get the type of glass that you have to be looking straight on, otherwise, it gets dark (like computer privacy screens). If that doesn't work, a bigger fence around the property like the had with drive-in theaters.

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What do you think? What would you change/add? Would you go? How much money would you drop? Tap the App and let us know!

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