Like a scene straight from the Foo Fighters' "Run" music video (below), a big ol' brawl broke out in a nursing home earlier this month. No, it wasn't due to the rocking sounds of Dave Grohl, but because of the supposedly family-friendly game, BINGO.

The Ontario Provincial Police were called to Rideau Lakes, a long-term care facility, on Feb. 5. When they got there, they had to break up a full-on brawl. The senior skirmish started when a 79-year-old lady took a seat that an 86-year-old lady normally used. The older lady demanded that she move, and the argument quickly grew into a "physical altercation," with other residents joining the fight.

Police were able to get the situation under control. No charges were filed and most importantly, nobody was injured. No word on whether BINGO night continued, or if it was canceled.

This brings to mind the old joke: How do you make an old lady drop an F-bomb? Have another old lady say "BINGO!" Nowadays, that second old lady might just get shanked.

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