It’s a bird... it’s a plane... it’s Superman! It’s now in my pool? We’ve all seen something weird in the sky and questioned what it was. Many can figure out some reason for it. Some give up trying to explain it and chop it up as a UFO or a UAP. But what happens when the thing in the sky ends up in your own backyard?

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That’s what happened to a Delta, British Columbia (Canada) homeowner Monday morning (June 5th). Justin Broad was standing in his backyard when he heard what he witnessed a “black lightning bolt” struck his swimming pool, causing a huge splash.

After the excitement settled down, he looked in the pool and found a strange rock disintegrating in the water. He, thinking it was a meteor, drained his pool to get at the sample, but it had pretty much turned to mud.

Experts don’t think it was an actual meteorite. Alan Hildebrand from the University of Calgary commented that if it was what Broad believed, it would have most likely remained solid and be a different color. Alan felt that since the material turned into mud, he thought it was just mud/dirt from the planet.

Broad now has many other questions about how it got there, what he saw, and “how it turned from a solid into sediment” in seconds. Check out the news report from

Many online are asking if what Broad experienced was a little comical, like from the scene in the movie Joe Dirt. Maybe one day, we’ll know the truth.

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