It's a sad fact of life; some cities party harder than others. And when it comes to throwing a big bash, there's no bigger event to celebrate than welcoming the new year! So, which cities party the hardest when it comes to New Year's Eve?

WalletHub released its list of the top spots to ring in the New Year, and some are to be expected while others make you drop your Champaign and scratch your head in disbelief.


WalletHub looked at 3 main factors when it comes to partying the arrival of 2024: safety, accessibility, and cost (for food & entertainment). Then they went down the rabbit hole a bit with fireworks, nightlife, airplane flights and delays, walkability vs purchasing a ride, etc.

Which Cities Are In The Top 10 For NYE Celebrating?

Celebrating in places like Las Vegas, Nevada (#4) and Miami, Florida (#6), seem like no-brainers. But then you get places like Denver, Colorado (#9), Atlanta, Georgia (#5), and Chicago, Illinois (#8). To me, those places don’t scream “PARTY.” But then again, Washington, D.C., was #10, so I guess the people there who govern hard... party hard!

New Year celebratin collage. Wine Glasses, sparklers, big clock, and a hanging sign that reads 2024

Two cities in California ranked in the top 10. Los Angeles came in at #7, and San Diego almost nailed the title but came in at #2.

So, who is #1? You would think New York, New York, would be the top spot, but nope, they rank at #3. Orlando, Florida, gets that claim to fame, beating out all the rest, mainly because of affordability.

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Whereever you are ringing in the New Year, have fun, be responsible, and stay safe! Here’s to 2024!

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