With the New Year just days away, you don't want to start it off on the wrong foot. You don't want to hold your head and curse your parents for giving you life so many years ago or on your knees bent over a toilet regretting the night before. That is usually accompanied by regretting every decision you've made, bringing you to this moment. You promise to be better and to also invest in thicker blinds that can block the sun from causing more damage to your head. In other words, you want to avoid starting the New Year with a hangover! If one does come, hopefully, these tips can help you get through it so you can go about and kick 2023's butt!

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Tips to Avoid Having A Hangover

Be Sure To Hydrate!

As you drink alcohol, you tend to use the bathroom more, dehydrating you. Drink a big glass of water before you sleep, or at least alternate between water and alcohol as the night goes on. If you wake up on New Year's day with a non-stop need of the bathroom (diarrhea, sweating, vomiting), then you are really dehydrated! Drink some water, even if it's a couple of sips. It'll help.

Hair Of The Dog

We're not talking about petting your four-legged friend, although that can help. The hair of the dog pretty much means to keep drinking. Think of it as a way of weaning yourself off alcohol, giving your body a chance to level out. Think of the hangover as alcohol withdrawal, so giving it just a little bit can ease the feeling. If you do this, I recommend peppermint schnapps. You'll have minty breath in the morning, and we're still technically in peppermint season. Win-win!


Toast, crackers, Juice

Drinking can lower blood sugar, so your brain may be working overtime without the fuel it needs. Plus, many people forget to eat while they're drinking. Eating a little bit can get you back to normal.

Coffee or Tea

In other words, caffeine! It's a stimulant, and even though there's no unique superpower, it'll still help.



For reasons that I cannot begin to explain, if you feel the need to take a pill for the hangover pain, it's advised to take Asprin or Ibuprofen or other anti-inflammatory drugs. It is also recommended to avoid Tylenol/acetaminophen. If there's still alcohol in the system, mixing that with Tylenol can be bad for the liver.


BONUS TIP: Don't Drink!

Just be a designated partier. You can easily make some money off your friends by playing "babysitter" and keeping them out of trouble. You could even save a life. Now the next day, if you're taking care of someone with a hangover, crank the song "Worst Hangover Ever" by the band, The Offspring on repeat. It's a catchy tune, and your loved one might just remember the incident before the next fun night of partying.

What's your hangover trick of the trade? Tap the App and send a message letting us know your miracle cure.

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