I have a child who loves Mozzarella sticks. I mean, who doesn't?! Any time we're at a restaurant that features them on the menu they ask to order them as an appetizer every time. Although Yakima has some great ones in town, so far their favorite is the mozzarella sticks from Olive Garden. That's when I noticed Sea Galley has a claim that must be tested.

Sea Galley has been a Yakima staple for many years. Seafood, prime rib, they have it all. I was looking at their menu online when I noticed Deep Fried Mozzarella on the menu. What's more, was the caption under it.

Three large handmade cheese sticks. These are the BEST in town - guaranteed.

Well, sure, anyone can say that but are they really? I thought I'd put our local cheese stick expert to the test.

I took two of my kids and one of their friends to Sea Galley for dinner but with the main reason being to try out these mozzarella sticks. We ordered two servings just to be sure.

They brought them out and they were HUGE! They could be a meal by themselves.

After trying them the decision was unanimous. The cheese sticks at Sea Galley were, indeed, the best in town. Yes, even outranking the coveted Olive Garden, who held that title in my kid's eyes for many years. We'll still order them when we visit other great places in town but, as it stands, the deep fried mozzarella at Sea Galley is a winner. Might be worth swinging by just for drinks and appetizers to see for yourself.

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