Wrestlemania was awesome Sunday. Some of the winners I did not see coming -- and what I really didn't see coming was an amazing tear-jerking moment. The WWE inducted an inspiring little 8-year-old boy into the WWE Hall of Fame -- and for good reason. Connor Michalek had been battling cancer. His wish before he died was to meet his WWE favorite as a Christmas gift .Daniel Bryan was his hero. It was pretty cool because he got to meet many other WWE Superstars along the way.

As I listened to them talking about this little boy, I was in tears! This is the greatest thing that WWE has ever done for any family. Connor's father said that he just kept going. Looked cancer in the eye and just kept on battling it like a WWE Superstar. He mentions in the video that the WWE extended his time with his son!

I love Washingtonian Daniel Bryan!

This was the best Wrestlemania they have ever done.

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