I had to do a double take the other day when I was at our local Costco Wholesale store. I was there getting the essentials. You know: toilet paper, water, muffins, jug of mayo, a gallon of Jägermeister, ping pong table, electric fireplace etc. etc. When I got done shopping and got to the front of the store to pick a line to make my purchases, I looked to my right & I saw people. I look to my left... Self Check-Out lanes?

I like to consider myself pretty observant, but this was new to me. I asked my buddy Justin Mateo (who is a Costco employee) if I was blind or if they've been there a while. He said "both"! We laughed, and he continued to tell me that they've been installed for about 3 weeks. In the day and age we live in, it makes sense. Helping keep people safe by less social interaction, not to mention the fact that everyone is in a rush now days.

When I got home, I informed my wife of the news, (yes, this is considered news in my household) and she said, and I quote... "Finally! The Spokane location had them when I was in college, it's so much nicer." I personally have a love-hate relationship with self check-outs. It might be because I feel some jobs are being taken away from humans. I also might dis-like them because I believe I'm not smart enough to use them and often need assistance. I do understand the appeal of them for people, but I can't help but remember the great stand up comedy bit about self check-out robots from Patton Oswalt. Check that out below (NSFW) and if you use them or not, just be kind to your store worker, human or otherwise, they're doing their best!



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