It happens every year -- and it'll probably happen again this Father's Day. In the middle of an otherwise-happy gathering, Dad decides he's got happy feet and makes his way to the front of the party to show everybody his dance moves.

Yeahhhh. It's the kind of cringe-worthy moment you can't really describe without a video.

So this year, be ready. When Pops starts to limber up, get your camera set to record the moment -- then send it to us, so everybody in town can share the shame! If your dad's dance makes us laugh the hardest, you'll win a family getaway to North Idaho's Silverwood Theme Park, courtesy of Yakima Steak Co. The prize package includes four passes to the park, plus a two-night stay at the Red Roof Inn in Spokane!

But don't limit yourself! Dads do goofy things without warning, so if you have a video from the past (or just this past week), feel free to send it along.

Just make sure you've downloaded the free KATS app -- it's the only way to get your video to us. (Just tap the menu at the top left of the main page on the app, then scroll down to "Submit Photo/Video.")

You have until 5 p.m. Monday, June 17, to upload your entry. We'll announce our winner Tuesday.

Meantime, see if you recognize any of your dad's moves here ...



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