According to World Population Review, Los Angeles is the 2nd largest city (in regards to population) in the United States. They were only beaten out by New York City. (Chicago is the 3rd largest, in case you’re keeping track). With almost 4 million people (3,769,485 according to census projections), those neighborhoods are packed. You can imagine that trouble will happen with that many people in any particular area.

Tips To Stay Safe In Los Angeles

Not just in LA, but really anywhere. When possible, travel with a group of people, carry protection, and most importantly, pay attention to your surroundings and know the neighborhood. It might seem like common sense, but common sense is hardly common.

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How Is The Danger Level For Los Angeles, California Ranked?

The findings are ranked by and are based on reported violent crimes for each of the neighborhoods (per 100,000 people). These reports are then compared to the crime average of Los Angeles as a whole (so far in 2023).

For those of you who try to stay positive, and look on the brighter side of all things. Just because there are dangerous neighborhoods, doesn't mean that everyone in these locations are out to get you. A lot of great people live there, and are trying their best everyday. There are many factors that can go into why crime is so high in these locations. Economic, gangs, mental illness, etc. Hopefully, things can improve, but only time will tell.

Top 10 Most Dangerous Neighborhoods in Los Angeles, California

#10 Southeast Los Angeles: 119% more crime than the LA average.

#9 Hyde Park: 122% more crime than the LA average.

#8 South Los Angeles: 131% more crime than the LA average.

#7 West Adams: 197% more crime than the LA average.

#6 Leiment Park: 198% more crime than the LA average.

#5 Lincoln Heights: 263% more crime than the LA average.

#4 South Park: 267% more crime than the LA average.

#3 Civic Center-Little Tokyo: 298% more crime than the LA average.

#2 Chinatown: 303% more crime than the LA average.

#1 Downtown: 606% more crime than the LA average.


Other Sources For The Crime Rate in Los Angeles, California

While looking into this topic, I found two maps that were very helpful. Basic maps of the neighborhoods as well as the safest areas, was an interesting site to check out. If you are more curious about crime statistics in the neighborhoods, check out the LAPD's Crime Mapping & COMPSTAT here. This is indeed another great resource.

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