Back in my day, the cartoons we watched taught morals. He-Man and the Masters of the Universe had a lesson at the end of every episodes. Although I usually just learned if you're about to be hit by lightening, make sure you are holding a power sword and prepare to rock a loin cloth! Apparently, times have changed and kids cartoons in Denmark teach some different stuff.

The show is called John Dillermand (translated as John Penisman or John Pee-Pee Man), and it's a stop motion type kids cartoon where the main character is like a cross between "Where's Waldo" and Ron Jeremy. He's wearing a red and white stripped suit, snow cap, and giant 70's mustache... and of course he has his amazing appendage.

A report from comments how:

Naturally, a TV show designed for kids with the main character having a giant penis is going to raise some issues. So far, the reaction to the show in Denmark has been decidedly mixed.


While some believe it's inappropriate for children, others believe that the context of the show is so asexual and that children wouldn't view it in the same way as adults do.

The show (that does have quite the catchy theme song) was co-developed by Sex & Samfund, a Danish association for sexual education will continue to air as planned even though there has been some backlash. Check the intro out below.

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