According to, December 1st, 2020 is, among other things, NATIONAL PIE DAY! Finally a good day in the year 2020. Now, many people usually celebrate it on January 23rd, or on actual Pi day (March 14th). The celebration in January is because of a nuclear engineer, brewer & teacher from Boulder, Colorado named Charlie Papaziani, he just decided to declare his own birthday as national Pie Day, since he ate that instead of cake. Well, in 1986, the National Pie Council adopted it. But why the 2nd pie day? Best I can find, is that the dessert is so good, why not. It falls on December 1st, because it falls between Thanksgiving & Christmas, & there's a lot of leftovers, and more importantly, a lot of baking... especially in pies!

Full disclosure, I don't like pie. In fact that last pie I've eaten was back in the day (1991) when Hostess was selling those weird vanilla creme filled, green frosted Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles pies. They were... okay.

Since I don't really care for pie, how should I celebrate it? I did enjoy the movie and all the sequels to the American Pie franchise, so that counts, I could watch that. Maybe I'll watch a film about meat pies in the form of Sweeney Todd: The Demon Barber of Fleet Street. I'm also a big fan of Don Mclean, so I might rock out to his timeless hit American Pie today. Heck, maybe I'll look at a whole bunch of charts & pie graphs. That's still celebrating, right?. Or maybe I'll eat a slice of the perfect pie... Pizza! Yep, technically, Pizza is a pie. Go to New York, and ask anyone if they want to split a pie... it'll have pepperoni! However you plan to celebrate it, cooking, eating, watching people cook and eat, just be safe and enjoy. If you need a great apple pie recipe, check out what our fellow rock jock Sarah J cooked up recently!


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