Timmy & Hostess Help Hungry
With the future of Hostess looking darker than their chocolate Ding Dongs, it's nice to see a little good come out of all troubles that Twinkie the Kid is facing.
Best Reactions to Hostess News
Today, the Hostess brand and makers of Twinkies, Ho-Hos, Chocodiles, Snow Caps, Cupcakes and more, announced it is officially filing for federal bankruptcy protection and will discontinue its operation.
The internet has exploded, lamenting its passage.
Will Disney Buy Hostess?
Since the news of Hostess going bankrupt is shattering snack fiends around the country, it brought up this thought. Hostess is going bankrupt, but the products probably won't go anywhere since the brands are so strong. More than likely, they'll auction them off to another company. But who …