A few months ago, this adorable black kitten showed up on my patio doorway and meowed incessantly for two whole days.

This kitten was obviously trying to tell me something, and I knew exactly what that was: "Hey Lady, please ADOPT ME!" I looked at it like I was the Kitten Grinch, and I told it, "NO!"

My 9-year-old, Willow, fed the kitten some deli turkey meat from our fridge. She begged me to let her keep it but again, I said "NO KITTENS!"

After the second day, I could no longer tolerate this cute as a button kitten sitting out there mewing and staring at me through the patio glass door. I slammed my patio curtains shut so that I would not have to see it sitting there waiting to be let inside my house. I willed the kitten away with my mind. It didn't work. I made silent wishes that it would go away to some other neighbor's door and let them adopt it. That didn't work either.

We ended up letting the kitten come inside the house and lo and behold, he is our family pet now. Willow named it Fluffy, thinking it was a female kitten. She begged me to get it cat food, a litter box, toys, and some pet treats. I had to comply; I just couldn't be so heartless to leave that kitten sitting outside my door, all alone in the world.

We took Fluffy to Petco in Union Gap and got it an engraved name tag. I bought about $50 worth of pet stuff for it, including a litter box with a lid over it. We even bought it a cat leash--at Willow's request. She said she wanted to "walk her cat at the park".

"You can't walk a cat," I told her. The idea seemed preposterous to me. Having owned many cats before (that would have hissed at me sideways if I had tried to make them take a walk on a leash), I had no idea that was even an option.

I tried to tell her that cats do not belong on leashes but she insists that she wants to walk the kitten in the park. Poor Fluffy.

Posted by Reesha Cee on Wednesday, September 23, 2020

I stand corrected. I told a few friends about this hilarious ordeal and I was shocked that some of them said they have actually taken their cats on walks before!

We took Fluffy to Franklin Park in Yakima and Willow put the leash around its neck and upper body and Willow walked that cat up and down the wide-open spaces. We got a lot of stares and some chuckles from a group of teenage boys jogging in a herd, but Willow did not care and even asked me if Fluffy could be taken over to the playground. That's where I put my foot down and reminded Willow that we are still social distancing and I didn't want all those kids coming near the cat and us with their nasty COVID germs. Tuh!

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