Whoever thought that microwaving things was the natural cure all for everything might have learned a new lesson. With many things slowly starting to open among the COVID-19 pandemic, eventually here in Yakima, the Libraries will finally open back and we can go back to checking out the books we love. Do not worry about coronavirus, at least when it comes to the adventures we borrow, the Library will do their best to keep them clean. No need to THROW YOUR BOOK IN THE MICROWAVE!

You might think that wouldn't be a problem, who would microwave their books? Well apparently someone in Michigan felt that that would be the best way to COVID cleanse their reading material. The Kent District Library of Plainfield Township posted on Facebook a warning about doing such things.

As you can guess, microwaving a book, may just light it on fire! Many library books have RFID (radio frequency identification) tags that contain metal. And someone in Michigan got a reminder that metal in a microwave do not end well. People have been microwaving many things to try to kill the COVID-19 virus, which has led to many more fire related incidents involving face maks and other personal protective equipment.

Until further notice, all Washington State Libraries are closed, and upon re-opening will be taking steps to keep everyone safe. For more information on those steps, you can check out the Secretary of State's Washington State Library page or Yakima Valley Libraries COVID-19: Health & Safety Information.

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