With so many businesses shut down, some are finding new ways to re-open. Keeping the workers and customers safe is top priority, and some of these businesses are really flexing their entrepreneur muscle. Take the Lucky Devil Lounge in Portland, OR. for example. They saw their business hurting, and wanted to take steps to open back up, but not draw the wrong kind of attention to themselves. Originally, the Lucky Devil Lounge dancers started delivering the club food to peoples homes in order to stay working, but that wasn't drumming up as much business as hoped, so re-invention was needed. Owner Shon Boulden thought long and hard how to open back up, while keeping the dancers safe, maintaining the mandatory social distancing & following strict safety protocols already in place for his type of business. That's when the idea hit him. A few tents, barricades, fences, stages, music equipment later, and bam, drive thru strip club! Lucky Devil Lounge is open!

How does it work? Well, a car pulls in and orders food, when it's time, the car is led into a tent and the DJ starts playing a song. Next thing you know, several dancers perform during the song... not removing their gloves & face masks. While all this is going on, your food is being bagged up and delivered to you by the dancers, complete with complimentary roll of toilet paper! It's a win-win according to Boulden, customers are happy for the service, and the employees are happy to be working and being considered "essential". Check the video from the The Oregonian below:

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