Today the movie industry is at a loss with the passing of Roger Ebert. A movie can make or lose a million dollars all in the power of his thumb, but he also used his thumb playing video games, apparently. In this Holiday Gift Guide from 1989, Ebert admits that he was obsessed with playing TMNT to the point that it made him unhappy.

As Roger Ebert states:

"...I was in front of the set playing with this mutant turtles and it got to the point where it made me quite unhappy because I was so obsessed with it..."

He goes on to say that he unhooked his system and put it away.

This is still the 80s as most adults in media were downplaying video games as they would say, "it rots your brain," or something along those lines so don't hate them for that. I just think it's funny that one would be come so obsessed to the point where he had to store it away.

I wonder if he still had it after all these years...